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Corporate translation service with AI Video Localization

It's been a while since your videos were waiting to be translated. Now, you can use AI to translate your videos and share them with people all around the world.

What we do?

voxqube is an automated one-stop shop for all the voice localization needs out there

Your media



Neural voice-over


Localized media

Reach a global audience with ease

High-quality dubbing with synthetic voices that sound genuinely human

Faster turnaround times for your video localization needs

Translate videos previously out of reach due to budget

Our platform can translate video content from any source language, not just English

Break down language barriers with our AI-Powered video localization service

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Aurea CRM (MS)


How does it work?

We provide end-to-end service: you send us a video and specify the details for translation: language, accent, gender. We do the translation, voice over and fit the dubbing with the original content. And then you receive the localised video.

How much time does it take?

For enterprises, localization process will take approximately two days, but it all depends on your specific needs and volumes.

How will I get the localized version?

For enterprises we will setup a separate workflow adjusted to your specific needs.

What does the localized video look like?

Dubbing will be added above the original video. We will remove the original voicetrack and overlay the localized one. The format will remain as the one of original video.

Do you take my personal data?

Yes, we ask you to enter your mail or sign in using Google account. We need your details to send you the voice-overed video. We promise not to use your personal information in any other activity.

Is the payment safe?

Yes, the payment will be conducted via Stripe platform.

Maximize your video content's potential

Book a demo to see how our dubbing technology can help you quickly and affordably translate your videos

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