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Datasets for speech synthesis

What is a dataset?


A voice dataset is a set of phrases recorded by a voice actor in studio conditions. The phrases are based on a text corpus which is specially selected in advance.


This voice data is used to create custom neurovoices for various text-to-speech solutions.


The process of creating a new custom neurovoice is rather complex and the quality of voice data has a direct influence on how the neurovoice ultimately sounds.


To create a new custom neurovoice, a neurovoice model must be trained which, on average, requires from 10 to 50 hours of consistent voice data recorded under specific acoustic conditions.

Recording voice datasets with professional voice talents

It can be used to create custom voices for text-to-speech solutions and voice recognition technologies. Recording voice datasets with professional voice talents can be used for the following:

Voice assistants

Voices for dubbing video and audio materials

Virtual assistants

Navigation systems

Smart devices

Voices to automate call center workers

A streamlined process
and expert team

Ultra-precise automatic consistency control


Speech technique specialist


Logistics specialist

Sound engineer

ML specialist

Sound engineer supervisor

Data layout specialist

Why do you need to record in a studio?


Recording in a studio with a professional team will allow you to take the quality of any voice to a new level, along with reducing the time and financial costs of organizing the process.


Reduces the resources required for fine-tuning the process (casting, signing contracts, financial issues) or managing the recording process with freelance actors.


  1. Reduces the number of corrections to data recordings and additional recordings to obtain a high-quality voice for text-to-speech models.

Your Perks

High Dataset Quality

The Quality of voice data has a direct impact on how natural and appealing the resulting neurovoice sounds, which is key to engaging and retaining an audience.


By Creating a voice avatar which perfectly matches your brand, you increase awareness and trust in your business.

A Multilingual Edge

Оur voice datasets can be localized in 30 languages, allowing your business to pitch itself to international audiences and expand its geographical presence.

 Enable voice through Data

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