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AI is the word of the year 2023

Updated: Nov 25

Good news for all technology enthusiasts and lovers of modern innovations!

Collins dictionary announced that the word of the year 2023 is “AI” - artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that creates advanced algorithms and systems with the ability to learn and analyze data. This word is becoming increasingly common and is deservedly recognized as a key concept in the technology field.

In recent years, artificial intelligence has come a long way in its development and has penetrated into all areas of our lives - from medicine and finance to the automotive industry and entertainment. It not only simplifies and automates routine tasks, but also opens up new opportunities and prospects for the development of science and industry.

We would like to emphasize that the recognition of the word “AI” as the word of the year indicates the importance of artificial intelligence for our society. It has already become an integral part of our daily lives and makes a huge contribution to progress and innovation.

We want to congratulate all the researchers, developers and technical geniuses who are working in the field of artificial intelligence. Your contributions have a huge impact on the world and help us create a future with more advanced and intelligent systems.

So, the word of the year “AI” reflects the most current trends and deservedly recognizes the importance of artificial intelligence in the modern world. In entering a range of jobs, in developing new projects and in our daily lives, may “AI” continue to inspire us and accompany us in our constant quest for innovation.

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