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CPM YouTube per Country 2023

Determining the exact countries with high CPM (Cost per Mille) on YouTube per country in 2023 is difficult due to variables such as the advertising market, the economic situation of the country and the amount of competition. However, there are a few countries that are historically known to be in the best YouTube CPM country list:

  1. United States of America: The US has a large and developed advertising market, as well as a large presence of active YouTubers. This creates conditions for high demand for advertising and correspondingly high CPM YouTube rates per country.

  2. UK: The UK is also a major media market with a lot of competition. YouTube's UK audience is often considered valuable to advertisers, which can lead to higher YouTube CPM per country levels.

  3. Australia: The Australian advertising market is also characterized by high CPM YouTube by country. The high level of Internet connection and the presence of an active audience on YouTube make it an attractive country for advertisers.

  4. Canada: Canada is known for its vibrant media industry and high advertising rates. It offers a favorable advertising environment and a competitive market, which can drive up YouTube CPM list.

  5. Japan: Japan is one of the largest economies in the world and has a huge audience on YouTube. High competition and demand for ads in a country can lead to high YouTube average CPM per country rates.

However, it should be noted that specific CPM YouTube list are subject to change over time and market conditions. Factors such as changing audience behavior and economic conditions can affect YouTube average CPM levels in different countries. These are only assumptions, and for an accurate assessment of the advertising market, it is necessary to turn to current research and statistics.

Audience size

YouTube has a huge number of active users, so advertisers tend to get their ads in front of a wide audience. A large audience leads to a large demand for advertising platforms, which in turn increases YouTube CPM per country.


YouTube has powerful targeting capabilities that allow advertisers to fine-tune their target audience. This increases the effectiveness and relevance of advertising, which affects the cost per click and, ultimately, highest YouTube CPM per country.

Ad formats

YouTube offers a variety of ad formats such as TrueView, interrupt, and tabs to the right of the video. These formats have a high degree of viewer engagement, which contributes to increased competition and, consequently, an increase in CPM.

Content Quality

YouTube content can be of high quality and context specific to a specific audience. Advertisers are interested in placing their ads on content that can attract a large audience and guarantee better results, which leads to an increase in YouTube CPM country.

It's important to note that specific YouTube CPM numbers can vary depending on many factors, including region, industry, audience size, and quality of ad content. A high CPM on YouTube can be beneficial for content creators and advertisers as it provides increased monetization and performance for ad campaigns.

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