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How Education can Benefit from AI Translation

Updated: Jun 15

People continue discussing the future of AI. We’ve already told you about threats to some professions that might be replaced with technologies. Let’s talk about the pros of AI translation in education.

And the first post will be dedicated to education: online courses and simulations - that’s what we already have. What awaits us in the nearest future?

Pre-trained neural networks are created to solve one specific problem and train them on a large amount of data. Such neural networks can, for example, be responsible for the automatic understanding of the language or for recognizing emotions on the faces of students. We are talking about open-source models such as GPT-3.

Neural networks that belong to the field of shadow deep learning. In this case, the pre-trained neural network is retrained on a smaller amount of data and adapted to solve a narrower problem. For example, when a language neural network is specialized for checking open tasks of a particular course.

Check-up of communication skills using AI can be useful in the training and development of sales managers, educators, and other professionals whose work involves a lot of communication.

However, one needs to use AI where you can see and understand how it made this or that decision and why. Indeed, in educational projects, especially those aimed at children and teenagers, errors or misinterpretation of data can lead to serious consequences for a person’s fate.

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