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Legal promotion of your YouTube: make it possible

Updated: Feb 27

Globalization opened the doors to the whole world, but still only about 15% of the whole population speaks English. Is it a lot? Well, what if we tell you that any person of your target audience would be able to understand your videos?

Recently we’ve spoken to Arvin Ash, YouTube blogger on how can video content creators benefit from AI voice-over. YouTube now allows adding multiple audio tracks for one video and Arvin is rather interested in reaching new audience. One of his insights was that illegal dubbing of his videos could bring him new subscribers. Arvin has a rather philosophical view on the illegal dubbing: he wants his videos be more useful for people all over the world.

But what if we do it… legally!

youtube Translation

Voxqube caught Arvin’s attention with the neural voice-over, as the faster and cheaper way of localizing his video, in particular, that could be done to up to 16 languages. In this terms, a creator can benefit with youtube translation to reach the audience in their native languages.

Arvin brought up an important question of subtitles: do people read them? Do they prefer to read subtitles or listen to audio? What would be the perfect way of perception – text or audio track? We’ll share a secret with you: now we are on our journey to investigate it!

Based on the insights of Arvin’s account, our CEO Valentin proposed to make a pilot translation of the video in Hindi. Arvin has a lot of followers from India, as well as this country to represent one of the largest communities in YouTube. And now a bit of numbers. How will we evaluate the success of the case? Easily, we will use the metrics by Arvin, that are mostly based on the views, likes and comments. If the 10% of the engagement of his videos will fall to the dubbed version, Arvin considers to add more languages to his channel. Wish us a bit of luck and stay tuned! Are you a YouTubber, who wants to grow their engagement and reach?

Contact us and start to talk the same language with a new audience.

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