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Translate YouTube Video and Get More Reach

Updated: Jun 15

When talking to different content creators, I often hear: “Can you translate YouTube videos?” And this question has a solid ground indeed.

Recently, YouTube added a new feature for content creators: they can add audio tracks in different languages to their videos. To do so, a creator doesn’t need to upload a video multiple times, an audio track can be added while uploading a new video or to the existing ones. The audience can easily switch from the original video to the video translation.

How to Translate a Video on YouTube

Content creation is a long and time-consuming process. Translating a YouTube video into English or any other language may take the same time as to create an original one. Therefore, we at voxqube aim to help you with the localization and dubbing process.

We’ve launched a special service of AI dubbing for YouTubers: an end-to-end service of translating YouTube videos. We will transcribe, translate, voice over, edit and fit the translated audio track to your original video. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to focus on creating new content.

Should You Translate Videos to English Only

Many people consider that one can translate YouTube videos into English only, but that’s not true! In fact, you can choose any language for video translation — from Hindi to Chinese — based on the geography of your audience.

From our side, we can help you choosing audience and videos for translation that will fit the cultural code of the audience.

YouTube video translation won’t take us more that the couple of days, but will provide you with the new content to reach the audience. Based on the recent studies from the industry, English is loosing its positions in the main content language. In 2023, we should expect more YouTube translations from English to local languages, then the video translations into English.

Whenever you are ready to localize, book a demo call with us! We’ll help you study more of your followers. make the demo translation and help collecting feedback for the following dubbing.

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