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Video Dubbing With AI

Just 50 years ago nobody has thought about watching videos on YouTube and used to read newspapers, magazines and books. Today, people watch videos more than they read because videos are easier to perceive and understand. When we watch a video, our brains process visual and audio information at the same time, which allows us to remember in more detail and comprehend complex information more easily.

Video is often more interactive than text. Video allows the viewer to participate in the process, ask questions, select response options, and even continue content across other platforms.

Also, time is the most valuable resource for people. Video allows you to get more information in a shorter period of time. Reading, in turn, requires more concentration and time to assimilate information.

How to Dub a Video

There are several ways to dub audio over video:

  1. Handmade. This is the easiest and cheapest option for small projects or beginners to dub a video. In this case, you need to record a new audio track in the same language as the original video, using a microphone and an audio editing program, and edit it onto the video.

  2. Use of special programs. There are many programs for video dubbing such as Adobe Audition, Sony Vegas Pro, Audacity and others. These programs allow you to change the tempo, tone, voice volume, cut the sound into separate fragments, etc. This method is a very time-consuming, and if you need to dub a video with the audio in other language, you will need to involve other specialists.

  3. Record in the studio. This method is suitable for very high-quality dubbing video. You can find a recording studio nearby with more professional microphones and recording equipment, and order the services of an announcer and sound engineer. This method is the most expensive and if you want to dub a video with the foreign language audio, you’ll need translator and a voice actor of the aim language.

  4. Use specific service. At voxqube, you can dub your video into any language within 5 minutes. To dub sound over a video, you only need to upload video to our service, specify the language and get the dubbed video to your mail.

How to Dub Audio Over Video with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) can solve a number of problems associated with watching videos, such as language barriers, incorrect pronunciation, and poor audio quality, and change the way video is perceived. Moreover, AI can dub a video much faster.

AI-assisted video duplication expands the audience and improves their experience of content, making it more accessible and understandable to everyone. The voxqube AI can recognize different languages and automatically translate them into the correct language and dub the video, allowing viewers in another language to enjoy videos that would be useless without such a tool.

In addition, AI video dubbing can greatly improve audio quality. Artificial intelligence can eliminate noise and interference, making audio clearer and more intelligible, allowing viewers to better understand content.

Thus, AI-assisted video dubbing is an important tool for expanding the audience and improving the quality of content. Therefore, more and more companies are using AI to duplicate their videos in order to attract new viewers and improve their video viewing experience.

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