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What's Dubbing

Updated: Nov 25

Dubbing is one of the main types of dubbing that is used in the film industry, television and other media formats. It is the process of replacing the original audio track with a new one, dubbed in another language.

The main goal of dubbing is to ensure understanding and comfortable perception of a film or series by an audience who does not speak the original language of dialogue. The sound of the characters in the dubbing should be as close as possible to their voices and intonations in the original in order to convey their emotions, character and intentions.

The dubbing process includes several stages. First, the original script is translated into the language in which the work will be voiced. The translator tries to convey all the semantic nuances and jokes, while maintaining the general plot line and style of the original.

After this, the selection of understudy actors who will voice the characters begins. Performers must be suitable in age and type of role, as well as have talent and experience in acting. Their voices should be rich and match the intonation and mannerisms of the original actors.

Then the voice parts are recorded in a special recording studio. Here, the stand-in actors, following the script and synchronizing with the original footage, record the voices of their characters. The sound engineer controls and directs this process so that the voices of the doubles accurately match the action on the screen.

After the recording of the voices of the understudies is completed, editing occurs, including mixing of voices and sound effects. This stage requires careful work and careful approach to create a natural and high-quality sound.

The final result is a finished dubbing track, in which all the characters and dialogues are voiced. Using dubbing, the viewer can enjoy watching a film or series in their native language without being distracted by reading subtitles.

Thus, dubbing is an important element of the media industry, allowing a wide audience to enjoy and understand works of art in different languages. It requires professionalism, creativity and attention to detail to convey all the nuances and feelings of the original work.

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