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YouTube Video CPM and Localization

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

In the great variety of content, YouTube creators face an important question: how to increase video CPM (Cost Per Mille, or cost for thousand ad views).

youtube video cpm and video translation

CPM is an important marketing metric that helps creators pick particular topics of interest and develop a profitable niche.

YouTube CPM per Country: Important Factors

When calculating YouTube CPM, it is important to keep in mind that it is not the platform itself that pays money for content, but advertiser companies. They need to sell a product or service. Therefore, earnings on video content depend on three important parameters:

The country in which the video is popular — the richer the state, the more expensive it is to view and click on an advertising link. So, for example, in the USA, and Europe, YouTube CPM by country will be higher than in Egypt or Brazil.

Topics — advertisers are focused on the target audience. If this is a cosmetics company, then they are interested in fashion themes, and women's stories. Tire manufacturers are interested in auto repair videos.

The number of impressions — the larger the audience of the channel, the greater the profit.

The last two factors will depend mostly on the content: the creator should test different formats and collect feedback from the followers. But the geographic factor can be influenced by content localization. That’s how localization of existing content into different languages can impact CPM YouTube per country.

CPM YouTube by Country in 2023: Where to Localize

Recently, YouTube added a new feature for content creators: the possibility of adding multiple audio tracks in different languages. Content localization service voxqube has launched a special product for YouTube creators, who are ready to develop their videos in different languages. We transcribe, translate, dub, and fit the voice-over to the original video.

How to choose the country for localization?

The first way is to pick up the countries, where your content is popular based on the statistics. Most users of YouTube streaming are people from India. Hindi translation is noways becoming more and more popular in both ways: translating from and into Hindi.

The second option is to choose countries with higher CPM per video. Countries with developed economies have higher CPM per country.

Content localization service voxqube has analyzed the advertising budgets of rich economies and collected the list of countries with high YouTube CPM by country in 2023:

Norway: $15 per 1000 original views;

Australia: $11 - $12;

Switzerland: $11;

USA: $10 - 11;

Netherlands and Great Britain: $8 - 9;

Germany and France: $7 - 8;

Sweden: $7;

South Korea: $7 - 8;

Canada, Spain: $6;

Israel, Ireland: $6.

CPM per Video in 2023: Content Still Matters

The quality of localization will definitely help the creator to become more popular in the target country. But for the video CPM in 2023 the quality of the original content is still the top priority. We at voxqube can consult you on the cultural peculiarities of different countries and help you choose the most appropriate content. We will take care of the original content to save the meaning and ideas in the localized one.

Check more about our work and localization possibilities for your content — book a demo call with us.

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